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A Guide to the European Union for Americans.
Information about traveling in EU Countries including links to:  Needed documents; Choosing a time to travel; Getting there; Money; Staying healthy; Shopping; Communicating; Things to do; Respecting the environment; Pets. 
Links to many useful subjects provided by Rick Steves
Driving the roads: See our book. Also DriveAlive for Continental Europe (click on driving tips) and WikiHow for Europe and the UK
Route Planner for Britain and Europe: Get driving directions and distance estimates from place to place from the Ireland Automobile Association.

Currency Converter: Determine the value of any currency in other currency

In Case You Need to contact the Embassy of: Belgium France Germany Italy Netherlands or Britain in the US

US Embassies in Belgium France Germany Italy Netherlands Britain

Intercity bus network at: Travel with a Challenge is a richly-illustrated web magazine for mature travelers interested in ecolgical, educational, cultural/historical and volunteer vacations worldwide.