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We have taken five motorhome trips in Europe, in 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2008.  In terms of miles driven, these trips ranged from about 1500 miles to 4500 miles, and took between 6 and 12 weeks. On average we drove about 350 miles a week, or 50 miles a day.  In all five of the trips combined we have driven about 17,000 miles and visited nearly 150 different places.  These are mostly cities and towns in the countries we drove through, but some are not towns, like the American Cemetery in Omaha Beach.  When we say we visited a place, we mean that we were in that place at least a whole morning or a whole afternoon.  In most cases our visit was longer.  In London, Paris and Amsterdam, for example, our cumulative visits amounted to more than three weeks in each city.  You can see the routes we took on the first two of those trips by clicking on "Trip Maps" at the right.
We draw on this experience to provide our guide to the places we visited.
You will be able to explore the places we have been in as much detail as you would like on this website through the letters we wrote from them, and from the links to resources that provide useful and interesting information about each place, such as tourist offices, museums, Cathedrals, other local attractions, and short essays on its history.
If you would like to explore traveling in Europe by motor home the way we do, see our book, "Take Your RV to Europe, the Low Cost Route to Long-Term Touring", published by Intrepid Traveler and available on Amazon.
And if you would like to learn more about adventure travel, go to Travel with a Challenge is a richly-illustrated web magazine for mature travelers interested in ecolgical, educational, cultural/historical and volunteer vacations worldwide.

Trip Maps
2002 trip
2003 trip
2005 trip
2006 trip
2008 trip
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