Plan of our Book, "Take Your RV to Europe, The Low-Cost Route to Long-Term Touring"

After our first two trips to Europe in our RV, we wrote a book based on our experiences. The book focuses on two different parts of that experience.

Some of the book is simply a discussion of what Europe has to offer the American tourist, driving on both the continent and the United Kingdom, and eating and food shopping all over Europe. It includes stories of our travels and the people we met on the way.

The rest of the book deals with the details of using a motor home as your transportation and living space. It includes chapters about touring for long periods of time, figuring out the costs of such a trip, preparing the RV for Europe, the shipping process, campgrounds in Europe, and staying in touch with home while you are away.

There is also a guide to the countries in Western Europe, including information about driving, rules of the road, telephone information, etc. The Appendices include letters from our first two trips describing in detail where we went and what we saw as well as specific information about shipping ports and suppliers of various services.

The publisher is Intrepid Traveler. The book is available from them and from Amazon.

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Intrepid Traveler
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