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by Ron and Adelle Milavsky, authors of
"Take Your RV to Europe, the Low Cost Route to Long-Term Touring"
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This website was designed for would-be travellers who might like to ride mouseback through 144 places in Europe. It is based on personal travel experiences derived from 5 long trips in our motorhome from 2003 to 2008.  If you want to learn more about motorhoming in Europe, we refer you to our book, pictured at the lower left of this page.  There are links to a description of what it covers just above and below.  This website is about the places we visited.  These include 45 in England, 6 in Scotland,2 in Wales, 44 in France, 11 in Germany, 14 in Italy, 12 in The Netherlands, and 8 in Belgium,  plus the cities of Prague and Dublin.   A link to Prague is on the Germany home page and the link to Dublin is on the Wales home page.
The personal travel experiences  are revealed through photographs and
letters written about them while we were there.  Special attention is given to things of historic interest related to the area, either because something important happened there, or because they place the traveler in direct contact with some important historical sequence or have a museum that focuses on some aspect of historical events.  To get to those places, click on the country below, then the link to places visited within the country and then the link to the list of historic places.  These links are located on each country's home page.
Attention also is given to many of the Cathedrals found in Europe.  Structures as old as these are do not exist in the US.  Our feelings of awe and respect walking the center naves of these magnificent soaring buildings illuminated by the light coming through their huge stained glass windows must have been similar to the feelings of the people who were the first to walk the same naves over 1000 years ago.  These feelings have nothing to do with religion.  We had no yearnings to pray in these cathedrals.   We were more than satisfied simply being within and admiring them.
 We provide links  to photos and to information about them in the pages devoted to the city in which the Cathedral resided.  To get to them, click on the country below, then the link to the list of cathedrals we visited. This link is located on the country's home page.
In addition, we provide links to things we found interesting or useful in each of the places we visited.  Some of these we learned about only after we came home and did some searching on the internet.  That is one of the reasons we decided to construct this web site, to provide valuable information to would-be travelers to help them decide where to go, and, once there, to get the most out of the limited time you have to be there.  And if you are not ready to take a plane over, travelling through Europe's cities, towns and villages on mouseback can be fun, too. And you won't need a passport, risk losing luggage, have to stand in lines to get scanned, or spend any money!
Now if you are ready choose your destination country from the list below to begin your mouseback trip through the places we visited there.
You also can find out  about us and about our travels and about  our book.
England: 45 places  
Scotland: 6 places 
Wales: 2 places plus Dublin, Ireland 
France: 44 places
Germany:  11 places plus Prague, CZ 
Italy: 14
Netherlands:  12 places
Belgium:  8 places
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